P&P has been operating for years in the road accident and safety at work sector with consolidated experience in the field of Technical Consultancy in the civil and criminal sectors for Courts and Prosecutors, also collaborating with Law Firms.

Perizie tecniche


Technical consultancy in the various engineering sectors represent a natural completion of the range of services that P&P is able to offer.


P&P deals with technical consultancy in the following sectors:

  • Road accidents
  • Accidents at work
  • Machinery and plants
  • Building constructions
  • Fire and explosions
  • Acoustic appraisals
  • Defects and discrepancies in the work performed with respect to the rule of the art
  • Thermographic surveys and video inspections
  • Search for causes and damage from water infiltration
  • Analysis of specifications, contracts and metric calculations
  • Property appraisals
  • Special events

The reconstruction of the dynamics of an accident both in the workplace and on the road is a complex as well as delicate activity, aimed at ascertaining the real sequence of events and the causes that determined them.


Consultancy in the field of accidents at work is useful for reconstructing the correct dynamics of the event and for bringing out any responsibility for the incident.

The reconstruction of the accident at work starts from the analysis of the objective elements available (surveys carried out immediately, examination of the place, operating simulations of any machinery involved, etc.) and subjective (reports provided by the investigators who intervened, testimonies, etc.), as well as through the analysis of the applicable regulations, of the equipment and tools made available to the worker. It is possible to use specific software tools for simulations and graphic elaborations.



P&P boasts many years of experience in design, construction management and testing of different types of building manufact.


P&P develops numerical analysis of finite elements to support the design and verification of structures and components in the construction sectors.


P&P has specific skills to meet the different needs of businesses, companies, public and private entities in relation to the work requirements according to Legislative Decree 81/08.


The reconstruction of the dynamics of a road accident is a scientific and objective procedure that follows a rigorous technique based on the principles of physics and dynamics and allows to reconstruct the original dynamics of the events that led to the road accident a posteriori, obtaining, albeit with minimum margins of tolerance, the speeds of the vehicles involved in the road accident, the possible driving behaviors of the drivers and any other element inherent in the carrying out of the accident useful for determining any liability as well as compensation for damage resulting from vehicles, property and people.

The reconstruction of road accidents always translates into a technical report that illustrates the dynamics of the road accident through objective calculations and elaborate explanatory graphics.

The reconstruction of the dynamics of road accidents can start from a simple rear-end collision up to the scientific technical analysis of accidents with many vehicles involved.

The main steps in the reconstruction of the road accident are:

  • analysis of the documents available on the accident;
  • inspection of the places of the road accident and of the accident vehicles;
  • drafting of a scale plan of the site of the road accident;
  • reconstruction of the collision and subsequent displacements;
  • reconstruction of the motion of the vehicles before the impact;

P&P uses dedicated drones and software to survey road accident scenes.